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Image by Natalie Pedigo


Change the Narrative

Calvin Weeks DFIR is rooted in a belief that success in today's complex world requires authenticity—bringing your personality, humor, and heart to everything you do. For me, this philosophy led to founding Calvin Weeks DFIR, where I aim to simplify the intricate realm of cybersecurity, incident response, and forensics.

With over three decades of experience dating back to 1986, I specialize in applying rigorous legal standards across disciplines to ensure a defensible process and articulate findings in legal actions and litigation. I am a certified expert in federal, sate, and local jurisdictions with sworn testimony experience. My passion lies in demystifying technology, security, and privacy, making them accessible without unnecessary complexity.

In my view, navigating technology is akin to driving a car safely. You don't need to understand every mechanic of the vehicle; you simply need it to function reliably. Similarly, in cybersecurity and privacy, my goal is to equip both technical and non-technical individuals with practical insights and resources. Whether it's safeguarding personal data or fortifying organizational defenses, I offer strategies and knowledge gleaned from years in the field.

At Calvin Weeks DFIR, I invite you to explore a fresh perspective on technology and security, where simplicity meets effectiveness. Together, we can empower you and your organization to navigate the digital landscape with confidence and clarity.

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